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Architecture Workshop Pamplona:

To wrap up the last week, we had our architecture workshop with Peter Bohlin where we were charged with designing a choir loft out of wood to go in the old gothic cathedral.

In the process we had a tour through the cathedral, the roof of the cathedral (walking on the bare topside of the ceiling under the roof!), the various cloisters, libraries and special access to excavations digs! Wonderful place!

Our courses we held on the 2nd floor of the cloister where we held discussions and did sketchs and model building. Our talks were done in the sacristy which was an eye-popper of a room (intensivle baroque decoration everywhere!!!)! Peter Bohlin was A-M-A-ZING! Like a grandfather of an architect with great wisdom and showed great humility (or lack of starchitect egoism) for someone who design the likes of the Apple stores!

Besides retasting the sweet-stress of architectural design in a school setting: was FANTASTIC!

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